We bring to your attention new opportunities for assessing the state of the autonomic nervous system in the analysis of heart rhythm. The proposed method is based on fundamental ideas about Claude Shannon's thermodynamic concept of information, Ilya Prigozhin's theory of dissipative structures, and Dirichlet's properties of the entropy distribution.

Our method allows us to assess with greater accuracy, in comparison with traditional methods, for example, geometric ones, the potential for the use of additional resources of the human body by the vegetative system. This is achieved through the use of new indicators of the degree of self-organization of the regulation of cardiac activity and indicators of the contribution of the links of the neurohumoral system of the human body to the process of self-organization of autonomic regulation.

Two programs are registered in the Russian register of computer programs - AtnHealth Server and AtnHealth Mobile.

"AtnHealth" is a high-tech system for evaluating the functional state of the body on-line based on heart rate variability (HRV) using an ECG signal. HRV reflects the control system of the cardiovascular system, taking into account the contribution to the maintenance of homeostasis (self-regulation) of the parasympathetic and sympathetic divisions of the autonomic nervous system, as well as humoral regulation. "AtnHealth" evaluates the adaptation/compensation of the systems of regulation of physiological functions according to the parameters of the information-statistical analysis of the cardiointervalogram, based on the analysis of the informational entropy of the beta distribution.

Based on the received data, the AtnHealth software generates an automated conclusion about the state of the human heart regulation system at a given time and in dynamics in text and graphic form. These measurements are useful in the field of Life/Health Tracking for monitoring the work of the heart, the process of training and maintaining the physiological reserve, monitoring and correcting the therapy plan in patients with neurocirculatory disorders, functional states of a person with chronic psycho-emotional and physical overload.

The AtnHealth Mobile application is designed to obtain a functional assessment of the state of the human body by heart rhythm. The result of the measurement is an indicator of the level of adaptation of the body, obtained by mathematical analysis of the rhythmogram transmitted (Bluetooth) to the smartphone from the chest heart rate sensor.

AtnHealth Mobile allows you to quickly, easily and clearly obtain information about the reserves of the regulatory systems of the body.

For persons employed in professions with increased responsibility in the conditions of long-term work of a human operator under the influence of a complex of negative factors (psycho-emotional stress, hypodynamia, fatigue of visual or auditory analyzers), AtnHealth Mobile will help to maintain concentration and the ability to act.

For the practical work of a sports doctor, coach and athlete himself, AtnHealth Mobile will help to identify changes in functional state and physical fitness.

Busy people, or just those who are always in a hurry somewhere, AtnHealth Mobile can serve as an indicator of the body's adaptation to physical and mental stress, help you find out the physiological resources of your body and get an advantage in maintaining a balance of health and achieving active longevity.